Ethanol Micro Distillery For Stove Fuel

Ethanol Micro Distillery For Stove Fuel

Clean Cooking Madagascar (CCM), an NGO based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, is seeking proposals for an ethanol micro distillery (EMD) for its national Ethanol Stove Program in Madagascar. CCM plans to create a market for 100,000 ethanol cookstoves over five (5) years. It will develop local ethanol supply chains in part through the installation of ethanol micro distilleries (EMDs). The program includes the installation of a demonstration pilot EMD to serve as a training facility that will encourage the installation of additional EMDs in Madagascar.

The pilot EMD will be a joint venture between CCM and a local business implementing partner. CCM will own a majority share of the EMD for five (5) years. After this time, the local implementing partner will have the opportunity to buy out CCM’s interest at a discounted price. EMD suppliers are encouraged to consider entering into the joint venture with CCM and the local business by owning a share of the EMD for one (1) to five (5) years.

CCM hopes that the pilot distillery will lead to replication throughout Madagascar. CCM will support this replication. Therefore, investment in the pilot distillery may lead to the supply of additional distilleries of the same or similar size and design.

CCM herewith seeks to procure an EMD with a production capacity of between 2,000 and 5,000 liters per day. The distillery must be able to produce ethanol of hydrous or industrial grade quality at 94-96.4% v/v using sugarcane feedstock.

Please see this link for bidding documents and more information:

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Monday 30 January, 2017

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