Dog Proof Fencing

Dog Proof Fencing

We require a fence built with a total length of approximately 4.5m with a gate built at each end (total of two gates). The sole purpose of the fence is to dog proof our backyard without removing accessibility to the driveway. The fence will be located on a gradient above some small teared brickwork. We are flexible with both building materials and style. The fence must be at least 1.5m tall (to prevent a dog from escaping). One gate would connect the fence to the house and the other gate would connect the fence to the garage. Ideally we would like the fence to be built in December or early January. Thank you.

Budget: R2250


Thornleigh, New South Wales, Australia

Very Urgent!!!

The professional should supply the materials

Open for Site Visit: Yes


Saturday 10 December, 2016

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